Grammar for Communicative Purposes

This course is specifically designed to elevate your practical grasp of English grammar across three progressive levels: Basic, Pre-intermediate, and Intermediate. Our goal is not merely to help you memorize grammar rules, but to equip you with the ability to use these rules effectively and confidently in your everyday communication. 

Basic Level

The Basic level is all about laying a solid foundation. Whether you're starting from scratch or brushing up on the basics, this part of the course will guide you through the essential building blocks of English grammar. You'll explore the correct use of nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. Additionally, we'll tackle the basics of sentence structure, verb tenses, and simple punctuation. Each concept will be reinforced with practical exercises that encourage you to apply what you've learned in a communicative context.

Pre-intermediate & Intermediate level

Welcome to "Grammar for Communicative Purposes" - a course crafted to take your English language skills from Pre-Intermediate to Intermediate level. This course is the bridge you need to cross in order to confidently navigate through complex grammar structures and utilize them effectively in your daily communication.