Daw Khin Sandar Win's Academic Profile

Khin Sandar Win, an accomplished ESL Teacher, Curriculum Developer, and educational entrepreneur, has co-founded Open Courses Myanmar and EduBurma, where she directs impactful projects.

Her journey in language education commenced as a Language Instructor at Success Language Academy, developing a deep understanding of diverse student learning needs. She later served as a Faculty Member at the Department of English, University of Yangon, further refining her teaching methodologies and curriculum design skills. Her experience expanded during her tenure as a Curriculum Developer at the Myanmar Education Research Department, working on significant projects aimed at enhancing language education. Khin is also an esteemed member of the Lower Mekhong Initiative Professional Communication Skills for Leaders Community of Practice (LMI PCSL CoP), conducting numerous workshops in local and regional countries.

In the realm of research, Khin has delved into coursebook evaluation, material development, and the impactful role of feedback and reflection in peer and self-assessment, fortifying her commitment to creating effective and engaging learning experiences for students.

At present, Khin conducts an Academic English course and runs a continuous learning program, "English Time," at EduBurma. Her interests lie in psycholinguistics, language acquisition in adults and children, the effects of language exposure, and the importance of feedback and reflective practices in language learning and teaching. She has a particular interest in the development of self-directed or autonomous learning habits.

Khin's unwavering mission is to continuously enhance the quality of language education in Myanmar, fostering a culture of lifelong learning, and empowering students to reach their full potential.


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Khin Sandar Win is a passionate and experienced educator specializing in English Language Teaching and Program Development. With a focus on innovative and inclusive pedagogy, she has significantly contributed to curriculum design and language instruction in Myanmar. Her dedication to expanding access to quality English language education with free of charge is evident through her foundational work with EduBurma Online Academy and Open Courses Myanmar Academy.

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Khin believes in creating dynamic and inclusive learning environments that cater to diverse learning needs and preferences. She aims to provide quality education to students with financial difficulties, empower students to become autonomous learners and effective communicators in English, emphasizing the practical application of language skills in professional and academic contexts.

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